Did your Relocation counselor tell you that you can choose your own Realtor? If so, tell them you choose the Team For YOUr Dreams. We'll make sure that you have the best relocation experience of your life. To contact us directly, call (919) 846-3272 or send an e-mail to tim@timburrell.com.

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One of the unique aspects of our team is that we are counselors. This comes from Tim's background as a retired attorney. We will give you all the information because the more information you have, the better decision you can make. Don't take our word for it. Read the true stories from our past clients, and feel free to contact them personally to ask them about our service. Here are a few samples.

Sherry Clough

reminds you that it's important to have a good Realtor on your side in case there are any misunderstandings with a builder. She relocated to our area with Nortel and with all the information sent to her by e-mail and Internet, she had shopped before she even arrived. As a result, she got a deal that was much better than the builder would give anyone else, at a lower price and with the builder paying more closing costs. But, the builder fooled her about finishing off the utility closet, so Tim and the Team had it done at no cost to her.

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Gail and Paul Carroll

moved from the elegant neighborhoods in Merritt Island, Florida to Raleigh. Gail says, "We always buy something completely different from our original intention. We warned Tim about our history . . ." They worked with one of our Buyer's Agents, and "she tirelessly showed us house after house until we found the one that seemed just right ... I am sure that we must have driven her crazy but, if we did, she never let on." They liked the Team approach, with an expert at every stage, enjoying the true professionalism. "...They were most concerned with finding the right home for our needs."

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Normally, Realtors can show you letters from some satisfied clients. We have them from nearly every client.

To see some click here. But, how many Realtors get fan mail from their fellow Realtors?

You only get these kinds of compliments if you are in the top of your profession.

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