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I was lucky when I went through Nortel’s relocation process. I found Tim Burrell and his Team for YOUR Dreams. You might not be so lucky, so you had better find Tim yourself. Otherwise, you might have a misunderstanding with a builder. Let me tell you why.

My name is Sherry Clough, and I was relocated from Kokomo, Indiana to Raleigh in October of 2000 to work with Nortel Networks. Prudential Relocation gave my name to Tim Burrell, who called me before I arrived on my house hunting trip. He sent me to a couple of websites that the Team maintains, so I could see the choice of homes for myself while I was still in Indiana. Then, his Team sent me the pictures and printouts of some homes they thought I would like by e-mail.

When I arrived in Raleigh, the Team knew what I wanted to see. I worked with one of the Team’s full time Buyers Agents, so I got to see all the homes I wanted. She let me take my time looking, so I did not feel rushed.

I found a town home close to work that had everything I wanted. But, I wanted to think about it. Tim told me to take my time, think it over, and they could fax the contract to me in Indiana if that was the home I wanted. There were none of the “hurry they are going fast” pushy techniques that I have experienced with other sales transactions.

I wanted this new town home. The builder had a standard contract that everyone was supposed to sign, just as presented. The on site sales agent told us that the builder never deviates from the contract, and everyone pays full price. Since Tim is an attorney, I listened to him when he said some of the wording in this long, complicated contract was not acceptable. So, he got the builder to accept my changes. Then, he got the builder to give me a reduced price. He finished off the negotiations by getting the builder to agree to pay more closing costs than originally offered, and let me use my own lender instead of being stuck with the one the builder wanted.

But, the real reason I am writing this is my utility closet. It was not finished when we looked at this town home; the drywall was not on, so the wood underneath was showing. I believed that the builder would finish this area where the washer and dryer went. Who would leave an unfinished closet opening to the downstairs family room? Was I surprised when the builder said it would not be finished. Tim believed that the closet had to be finished to comply with the building code, but the builder had a loop hole that allowed him to leave it raw. Tim went around and around with the builder, and kept me informed of the progress. But, no one else in the entire complex had gotten the builder to finish the closet, so he was not going to budge, particularly since I got a discount price.

Tim explained that he could not allow his clients to get less than they expect. So, right after the closing, he sent over his handyman, who finished the utility closet at no cost to me. When my washer and dryer arrived, the delivery men put them in my finished closet.

I have heard that there are other Realtors who claim to be number one, and who count up how many “deals” they make. I do not care how many people they move through their office. If you want to have a smooth move to the Raleigh area, no one else will take this kind of care of you. You get the full choice of homes, you get the best lenders, you get a great deal, and you get everything you want, even if the Team has to install it themselves. If you want to contact me so that you can get more information, send an e-mail to sclough@nortelnetworks.com. But, do yourself a favor and send Tim and e-mail to tim@timburrell.com, and tell him Sherry sent you.

Contact the Team at (800) 884-2117 ext. 3030 or e-mail tim@timburrell.com

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