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May 12, 2000

To: Distribution List (Relocation company, Realtors, Cisco)

My wife Susan and I wanted to drop each of you a note to tell you what a fantastic job Tim Burrell, Kathy McShane, and the rest of their team did in the sale of our home in Wake Forest.

The situation had all the elements of a bad movie:

  • It was a relo, so Susan and I were in a hurry to get on with our lives.
  • The first real estate agent we retained did nothing for two months, so we fired him.
  • Tim stepped in at a point where we were already very frustrated.
  • There was a downward price pressure on us because the developer allowed smaller homes to be built in the subdivision.
  • There were perceived problems with the siding on the house.
  • The buyers were concerned with water quality (the house had a well).
  • The escrow company involved in the deal was difficult to deal with, was uncooperative at times, and did very little to help.
  • We first listed the house in August. After being apart through two hurricanes, we moved Susan to Texas in November and put all our stuff in storage. There were two adults, one 90lb. Labrador Retriever, and a cat living in a 900 sq. ft. apartment.

  • Tim and Kathy weathered the storm and got the house sold. We walked away whole - how about that!!!

    Personally, my hat really goes off to Kathy. She spent what seems like a lifetime on the phone making all of this work. I'm sure she doesn't get top billing very often but in this case she deserves special recognition.

    I could go on, but if Tim and Kathy are representative of the caliber of the people in your organization you are bound to be very successful.

    To the FAS people: if we had involved Tim and Kathy at the front end, I'm sure we would have had this deal done before Christmas.

    Mike Tomasofsky

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